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Liege Waffles

“Research” regarding Liege Waffles.

I am looking for a recipe to reproduce the waffles from the street-food vans and busses in Brussel. So far I have found American recipes which are close, but recommend to add INSANE amounts of pearl sugar. My first attempt with this type of waffle ruined my cheap waffle iron. After which, I purchased a high quality Belgian style iron which cleans up after the sugar OK, but still requires quite a bit of effort. In any case, this “pearl sugar” recommended in the American recipes seems to be the wrong stuff. It’s close, but it doesn’t get soft and gooey inside like the Brussel street vendor style.

Initial Attempts: Bountiful Kitchen Liege Waffles

This recipe came on the recommendation of some new friends we made in Bali. It was quite good the first two times, when I didn’t have the right “pearl sugar” and so once I subbed German “Südzucker Brauner Kandis”. Since I was unsure I barely added any, and I trashed my waffle iron anyway. Then I got a new professional iron and tried again with no extra special sugar and they were GREAT. Tried one more time to follow the recipe, say the amount of sugar called for, halved it, and they were still disgustingly sweet. Anyway, so far the best recipe, just leave out the pearls. Still searching…

Bountiful Kitchen print

NYT Yeasted Waffles

Image Image

These were super light and eggy, and also not anything like Liege waffles. The “dough” is definitely more in the order of traditional American style waffle batter. The yeasty flavor is still quite good. Maybe there is a bit too much salt, but they are still enjoyable. The baking soda is unnecessary is probably why it’s too salty. I’m not trying any more baking soda recipes because that is clearly not part of the real Liege recipe.

Up Next: Baker Betty

These look totally correct, the way the sugar is melted and oozing and has the look of honey. Maybe my pearl sugar issue is just a matter of finding the right temp? In the big shops in Brussel they load the dough into cupcake pans and put them in a warming oven to rise. One cupcake of raw risen dough equals one waffle. I have ordered some large cupcake pans and will try this when they arrive.

Betty Bakes

Another American with a clear sugar addiction

kitchen whisperer

Priority Inversion: NGU

i recently started playing with golang. Go is nice because it removes a lot of the gotchas in parallel programming but not all. Dead lock is still possible and so you are still responsible for all which that entails. Priority inversion is not the same as dead lock, but it can be a cause of it.

The game NGU IDLE sets a trap for the player in a part of the game called Blood Magic. If you do not solve the problem of priority inversion here, well you will not make the Number Go Up. Generating EXP is a goal in the game. With EXP you can control the dials of energy generation (the base resource of the game). We want to maximize how much EXP we get over time (EXP/t) so that we can manipulate this dial (increase energy throughput).

In order to generate EXP, we need to level, and fast. This is a tertiary gameplay loop.

In Blood Magic, we have multiple methods by which to contribute our blood and magic into a multiplier for our NUMBER which determines how much EXP/t we can get in our next life.

  • poke with tack
  • papercuts
  • hickey

Once you unlock Blood Magic, you will likely be at the point where you have enough magic to consume all of your money. Here, papercuts yield 5 Blood Per Second (BPS) and consumes all my money. The hickey yields 20 BPS, but will never trigger because the papercuts trigger earlier and consume all the gold.

If we do not remove our energy from the lower-level faster running task, we will never progress.

Looking at this as in compute terms, if we have tasks which are many and fast they can consume our entire compute resources if we don’t limit them. If these small tasks also depend on the completion of longer running task which never get the opportunity to run then we can end up in deadlock. Go recognizes when no threads are making progress, but in this case, the smaller tasks ARE making progress so it looks like work is being done, even though no work is ever being completed.

Thinking in terms of parallel execution requires a lot of attention. This theme comes up often in NGU. In some cases, you need to put your energy into the biggest task which will complete within this rebirth cycle, however long you decide that should be. If your rebirth cycle is 30 mins, obviously you don’t put energy in something which will never complete. The task which will complete at minute 29 is often worth the wait. In compute terms, be sure to keep your fat threads running.

Before dealing with this issue, i was slowing down and rebirthing with ~ 4 more bosses most of the time. Now I run up the multiplier provided by Blood Magic when the rebirth time gets long enough to do so.


Some things I would like to create but never have the time.


  • Munger
  • Dekker
  • MediaMonkey Style Data Manager
  • Ansible but single file with web ui on bun


  • NUX but single player web game
  • Mashup: Backpack Battles + Pokemon with Cycling Card Deck
    • tarot in balatro are programmable: block doubles, emporer 1-2, fool (generate emporer)
    • need a game to get cards into a deck to give to a fighter
  • Turing Tarot
    • 2 lanes of cards, battle cards and machine cards
    • FSM + Stack = PDA

Subsections of Ideas

Pitch Decks

The List of 7

  • Statement declaring the world has changed
  • Facts to support that statement
  • Identify the losing solution
  • Identify the winning solution
  • Share evidence that it works
  • Show your price (straight-forward with Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 is usually best, and not necessarily correct to do at first presentation)

The List of 5

  • Name Big Relevant Change in the World
  • show there will be winners and losers (adapt or die)
  • tease the promised land, no product details, but future state
  • introduce features as “magic gifts” for reaching the promised land
  • present evidence that you can make the story come true


Go Implementation

create a desktop and mobile app using Fyne

Data Store

Editor v1

Markdown to rich text editor with a text area

Editor v2

Try this to embed nvim in an application window in fyne. GPT thread available



Deno Implementation


I used to buy too many domain names. Bad habit. I am still in recovery.

The 10k PC is now a meme, but once upon a time I considered to build one each year and list the parts and benchmarks for the year. I would offer to build more of them and then sell mine at the end of the year when I built next years model. I use cloud servers now, I don’t need the 10kpc now.

Future home of Lovecraftian themed game I am working on.

Once I was very interested in starting a non-profit which would drop tree seedlings from drones by the millions. Looked into fund raising and realized no one with money cares about the future.

‘All Your Datas Are Belong To Us’. I thought this domain was cute at the time. shrug

Way back in the very early days of Twitch, right after Justin left, twitch got popular, and the chat got so annoying and spammy that I couldn’t chat with anyone any more. I thought I would make a view which blocked all the spam and just filtered and highlighted the people you wanted to see. I realized twitch people think spamming emotes is a feature. I just close the chat window now.

When I first got my kids on a Laufrad I was so excited about how much better it worked than stupid training wheels that I decided I was going to ship them from Germany to USA. Learn to ride and balance with your feet on the ground, the pedaling is easy to add later. It’s really just SO MUCH better.

After talking with some friends about their desire to sell feet pics, I bought this name. Puddin’ Toes is still working her office job.

I thought this sounded like a nice brand name. 7 characters, and you can pronounce it.

Work In Progress: A place where humans are recognized as humans and bots should not be able to post there. Human Authenticity without CC or Phone number ??

Work In Progress: Network Tools

Work In Progress: Girls read their porn. No pics, text or audiobook style female kink.

Work In Progress: Video Game Music Engine which enables the composer to create loops. Loops can be additive, so that they stack for synchronized playback and the integrated game engine can set the scene intensity level. Loops can alternatively be transitional for smooth scene transitions, also integrated into the game engine. Composer tools support generative sequences, and live synced playback with same scene stackable tracks.

This is dumb name I picked up to body shame skinny models. No one else gets the joke, and it’s not really funny. I am a better person now.

Work In Progress: Tiny containers for ARM

A thing for a streamer on nopixel. dead now.

In my 20s I was very into network security, and I set up a scanner for DNS and SMTP vulnerabilities. Shut down due to abuse potential. I would have had to make it pay for use. Now we have TXT records and I could authenticate that the scan user actually controlled the domain scanned. That was not an option, at least that I was aware of, at the time.

I have a friend who was totally hot in her pants for a beautiful hippy named Willy. Willy has since passed due to his vices, but he shall be remembered here. God Speed William.

Thought this sounded like a cool brand name.

Best Italian Pizza outside of Napoli. By FAR the best pizza in Stuttgart. (owner hosted) For Detroit style, please see buddy’s

Before MingW and before Cygwin, I had the idea to make some sort of bearable environment work on Windows. I decided I do not want to help Windows. I am thinking still of something to help BSD with linux stuff, but then, I also don’t want to help GPL’d tools. (MIT BSD OR GTFO) and

Work In Progress: I really like Knuth’s Literate Programming. The design proposed is really quite outdated in my opinion, but the concept is compelling in any time. I propose a Markdown with an extension to code fences which supports Jupyter Notebook style executable documents given the right runtime, without the stupid AF json garbage wrapper. Firstly tho, it should support generating a source tree from the documentation which is idiomatic to the language written (or just explicit in the code fence args)

/// code fence with triple ticks but that I can't show here
js {module: es, path:./src/blah/module/main.js}

/// content of fenced code
export default module blah

I used to naively believe that you could fix the two party system in america if people were just more aware that they had more options. I learned later that the entire system is rigged to keep 2 parties in power always. Well intentioned ignorance…

Dan Heissler and I brewed beer in college and I wanted to pick up a brand in the unlikely event that we meet again and brewed another batch of Blackbeard’s BlackStrap Mollasses Porter. It was indeed a wicked grog.

Universe Traveling Shaman, Reiki and Shiatzu Practitioner, Death Dula, and a space cake massage which will put you in orbit. (owner hosted)

Web service to check reachability of services from some location on the internet other than your own. TCP/HTTP/SMTP/DNS

Local recycling of stuff which is free for pickup. No promotion / selling.

I like machine learning on large datasets which are sometimes not open-source, and this is where pirates trade data.

Work In Progress: I wanted to make an Obsidian before Obsidian existed. I still want to make it in a way which just works with a github repo, and vim or a phone.


To Watch

  • Lords of Chaos (black metal)
  • Until the Light Takes Us